NBA Live Mobile - What you need to know about player training

NBA Live Mobile – What you need to know about player training

The list of changes that comes with NBA Live Mobile Season 2 includes a feature called player training. This new feature gives users the opportunity to get better basketball player cards by upgrading existing ones. The players can be trained are gold and elite cards. Two types of items are needed to train them: training tokens or other cards that also represent players. Training means leveling a player’s OVR by one. Some players have an OVR limit. For example, at the moment it’s not possible to raise a player’s OVR with more than five levels. Although this is a new game system, it looks like it will be a central feature in the new season. Player training gives users another way to get better player item cards.

My Team menu was updated to support the new feature. Players can head over to My Team and select one of their gold or elite players. They will be taken to the selected player’s profile that shows details like stats and players with the same position that can replace him on the team. This screen also has a “Train Player” button. Once tapped, this button opens the training interface. Each player requires a certain number of training points. This will be displayed at the top of the training screen.

The items (players or tokens) that can be used for training are selected from a list that is displayed below the player’s card. Each item has an associated number of points so users will select items until the training points requirement is met. It’s important to mention that the items used to accumulate training points are destroyed in the process. Player cards that are already in teams or on the bench are not among the items that can be used for training. After a player has been trained, his OVR and some of his ratings are increased. Not all ratings receive an increase. Players that have been trained cannot be sold at the auction house anymore.

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3 months ago